Amazonia Prebiotics – Your Key To A Healthy Smiling Gut

The digestive system is full of components which are a marvel. For you to have a healthy one there are several things that need to be in place. And as the name suggests, it is a system that is composed of different organs which work harmoniously to breakdown the food you take into the simplest forms which can then be assimilated into the blood stream.

The large intestines or colon contains good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria help in the digestive process and for it to work properly you need more good bacteria than bad ones. There are different methods of ensuring that the good bacteria are sufficient and that there are foods that are rich in them. One way is by taking foods rich in probiotics/ good bacteria or by taking prebiotics. Amazonia has created different brands of prebiotics as you shall see later in the post.

Probiotic-rich foods

There are different foods and drinks that could help you acquire good bacteria. They include yoghurt, especially the home-made one, which is free from unnecessary additives. You can also take kefir, which is similar to yoghurt, only that it is composed of goat milk and kefir grains which are fermented. Another way is to mix such foods with dark chocolate. Although not a source of probiotics, dark chocolate can effectively transport them to the gut. You can also take in natural foods like fruits and vegetables. The fiber in such foods helps to grow the already existing good bacteria in the gut.

The downside of the natural probiotics described above is the fact that most are quite delicate. They can be destroyed by the temperature and pH in the stomach. Eventually they may not make it to the gut where they are needed. The other challenge with these foods is that you may not know how much good bacteria they will add to your gut. You may also take in harmful bacteria in the process. And the ratio of good to bad bacteria may also not be definite. This presented a challenge that needed to be addressed.


Researchers had to find alternative ways of ensuring the ratio of good bacteria to bad is high. Out of this need, prebiotics were created. They are made up of plant fibers. The main way they work is by acting as a catalyst for the growth of the good bacteria that are already in the gut. They are not affected by the process of digestion and they are guaranteed to find their way to the gut. This makes them very effective compared with probiotic-rich food.

Once they get to the gut, they nourish the good bacteria and cause them to increase. The best part about prebiotics is that you do not risk introducing harmful bacteria into the body. As a result, you have the population of probiotics increased without any side effects. This balance between good and bad bacteria plays a huge role in the body. Not only does it aid in digestion, it also determines your overall good health.

Amazonia Prebiotics

Amazonia is a company that is passionate about your health and gut. As a result, it has developed prebiotics which help to keep your gut in good shape. You could use either Amazonia- Raw Prebiotic Women’s Multi or use the Raw Prebiotics Green. You can mix these prebiotics with your meal and be on your way to better health.